Proper nutrition for weight loss at home

Proper nutrition for weight loss is not a strict diet with many restrictions and a constant feeling of hunger.slimming vegetablesPP is a balanced and satisfying diet of allowed foods with a minimum amount of calories, which allows not only to reduce weight, but also to keep it at a stable level.

How to eat right to lose weight?

The right diet for weight loss takes into account the ratio of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. The menu is constructed in such a way as to create an acceptable caloric deficit, due to which subcutaneous fat is burned. And the healthy foods included in the diet have a positive effect on the whole body, initiating metabolic processes that improve digestion and reduce body weight.

The PP diet is not a short-term phenomenon, but a lifestyle that must always be followed in order not to have weight problems.

The rules of proper nutrition for weight loss:

  1. All fried and fatty foods, snacks and fast foods, products containing flavor enhancers and food additives are excluded.
  2. We do not recommend eating food outside the home unless you are sure of the correct ratio of fats, carbohydrates and proteins.
  3. Limit your salt intake.
  4. The morning begins with a glass of warm water, which you have to drink in small sips.
  5. 1/5 of the entire diet - fruits and vegetables, eaten fresh.
  6. Fast carbohydrates - in minimal quantities, it is recommended to replace them with slow carbohydrates - unsweetened vegetables, high quality pasta, large bread or whole grains.
  7. Fast carbohydrates - honey, sweet fruit - are consumed only in the morning or afternoon.
  8. The amount of animal protein in the diet is 1 g per kilogram of body weight.
  9. Water - at least 2 liters per day, 1 glass of warm water is mandatory half an hour before the main meal.
  10. Fractional nutrition: eat at least 4-5 times a day in small portions.
  11. Dinner - 3 hours before bedtime (no later).
  12. Snacks: There can only be 2 per day: kefir, sour apple is allowed.
  13. Meals are spent outside the TV, reading a book and other related activities.
  14. the right slimming products
  15. Food intake is respected: you must eat at the same time every day.

It is important to chew all products thoroughly and for a long time, this way a prolonged feeling of satiety will come faster.

How to switch to a PP?

It is impossible to radically change the diet one morning. A strong rejection of familiar foods leads to disorders of the digestive system, the body is under stress. The sudden start of any diet (without prior preparation) inevitably ends in failure and in the shortest possible time.

A proper diet requires preparation. If the PP diet is accompanied by a constant feeling of hunger and thoughts about forbidden delicacies do not allow you to live normally, then the transition to dietary nutrition was wrong or was completely absent.

The correct nutritional system for losing weight is not only physical, but also mental preparation and mental attitude. It provides the following:

  1. A week before the start of PN, it is necessary to gradually change the diet, reduce the amount of servings. During the preparation period, you can still eat fried meat with potatoes, but their number on one plate should not exceed the palm area.
  2. It is not the products themselves that need to be changed during the preparation period, but the methods of their preparation. If the potatoes were constantly fried, then it is necessary to steam, bake or boil the tubers. The same should be done with other products: the fish should not be fried, but cooked in the oven, the meat should not be brought to crisp, processing in vegetable oil, but stewed.
  3. Sauces can and should be used, they improve the taste of dishes. But sauce dressings need to be prepared on their own, without adding a lot of hot spices and herbs that awaken the appetite.
  4. a combination of foods and physical activities to lose weight
  5. It is recommended to drink black tea and coffee without sugar, gradually they should be replaced with green tea. Do not drink water during and immediately after meals.

With a gradual restructuring of the diet within 1-2 weeks, the body will get used to the new menu and the transition to PP will not be stressful.

Allowed and prohibited foods according to PP

The weight loss diet excludes the following foods:

  • fatty meats and fish;
  • fried foods;
  • fresh bread, pastries;
  • sweets and pastries;
  • chocolate, cocoa-based beverages;
  • spices;
  • pickles and pickles;
  • purchased smoked meats and sausages;
  • mayonnaise and sauces based on it;
  • alcohol, carbonated drinks.
fatty and fried foods should be excluded when losing weight

A good weight loss diet includes:

  • dairy products and fermented milk products with a minimum percentage of fat;
  • lean meat;
  • lean river and sea fish;
  • nuts;
  • legumes;
  • vegetables;
  • unsweetened fruits;
  • cereals.
useful foods for weight loss

It is better to give up salt completely. If it is impossible to eat food without it, it is allowed to add, but in a minimal amount.

Correct nutritional scheme

Proper weight loss and weight loss will be more effective if you adhere to a special scheme: 3 + 2, where: 3 - main meals and 2 - snacks. There shouldn't be a long break between meals. If the stomach is empty for more than 4 hours, then hunger occurs, as a result of which much more will be eaten. The correct diet for weight loss at home is built as follows:

  1. Breakfast at 7 am.
  2. Snack at 10: 00.
  3. Lunch - at 13. 00.
  4. Snack at 16. 00.
  5. Dinner - no later than 19: 00.
the scheme of proper nutrition for weight loss

This mode is suitable for people who get up around 6: 30 am. If the morning sunrise occurs earlier or later, the meal schedule is adjusted on an individual basis with 3-hour breaks between meals.

Sample menu for one week and one month


  1. Breakfast: a piece of bread, raw vegetables, green tea.
  2. Snack: kefir.
  3. Lunch: boiled chicken, steamed cabbage and beans, rosehip decoction.
  4. Snack: kefir.
  5. Dinner: broccoli with cheese, boiled egg, mint tea.


  1. Breakfast: vegetable salad, sour apple, a glass of yogurt.
  2. Snack: fruit.
  3. Lunch: Vegetable puree soup, baked beef.
  4. Snack: fruit.
  5. Dinner: boiled salmon fillet, unpolished rice, fruit drink.


  1. Breakfast: steam omelette with herbs, tea, citrus.
  2. Snack: kefir.
  3. Lunch: steamed meatballs with stewed beans and vegetable salad, juice.
  4. Snack: kefir.
  5. Dinner: cottage cheese casserole, apple, vegetable juice.


  1. Breakfast: vegetable salad, toast with cheese, tea.
  2. Snack: apple.
  3. Lunch: pasta, vegetable salad, baked chicken breast, compote.
  4. Snack: apple.
  5. Dinner: steamed fish cutlets, steamed broccoli, tea.


  1. Breakfast: oatmeal in water with butter, apple with cinnamon, fruit juice.
  2. Snack: fermented cooked milk.
  3. Lunch: Pumpkin soup with sesame seeds, vegetable salad, tea.
  4. Snack: fermented cooked milk.
  5. Dinner: boiled turkey fillet with stewed carrots, fruit drink.


  1. Breakfast: baked potatoes with cottage cheese and herbs, juice.
  2. Snack: apple.
  3. Lunch: Baked fish fillet with vegetable salad.
  4. Snack: apple.
  5. Dinner: low fat cottage cheese with unsweetened fruit.


  1. Breakfast: toast with eggs and tomatoes, fruit drink.
  2. Snack: kefir.
  3. Lunch: Steamed veal with baked potatoes, salad with vegetables, tea.
  4. Snack: kefir.
  5. Dinner: steamed omelette with beans, sour fruit.
weight loss pyramid

The following dishes, which alternate throughout the month, can also be the basis of a healthy diet for weight loss:

  1. Recommended breakfasts: steamed protein omelettes, bread with cheese and tomatoes, cereals, ricotta with fruit.
  2. Lunches: vegetables with unpolished rice and meat, raw soup, pasta, cabbage casserole, vegetable salads, boiled meat and fish, steamed cutlets, grilled vegetables, porridge with meat or fish dishes.
  3. Dinners: vegetables with baked or boiled meat, fish, cutlets, steamed omelettes without milk, fruit, dairy products.

Nutrition for weight loss, if you learn to combine meat, fish and side dishes, will be tasty, satisfying and different.