How to eat well to lose weight

The article contains simple advice of a nutritionist, who will teach you how to eat well for weight loss, general advice, the most frequent errors and confusion.

Healthy slimming

Why fat

The causes of excess weight:

  • Food (from the lat. alimentum — food, nutrition) – this is what we get through the mouth. We are in 95% of cases, the problem of Needham.
  • Endocrine disorders, and will meet 3 to 4% of cases.
  • A variety of neurological disorders, and other reasons were to meet 1%.

In other words, in 95% of cases, the problem occurs because of an excess from the energy on top of our energy consumption.

Energy consumption is going one of two ways:

  • The basic metabolism. So, how much expenditure from our body, at rest (lying, sitting, watching tv) to maintain their livelihoods. The amount of energy consumed individually. Calculated: women 0.9 kcal/kg, male 1 kcal/kg of body weight.
  • Physical activity.

When you increase the basic metabolism:

  • When the composition of the muscle mass.
  • In stressful situations.
  • In case of increase of the temperature of the body and the environment (the lovers of baths).
  • During the growth of the asset.

This reduces the metabolism:

  • The age. Our task is to maintain the metabolism through exercise.
  • Breastfeeding.
  • As an endocrine disease.
  • Fasting. All the starvation diets that have them.

The formula for the calculation of the basic values of the exchange (SBI), where M is the mass of a body:

When a person eats more than he burns, the excess calories. For instance, eating excess of 200 to 300 kcal very easily. They are found in foods which we do not see it as food.

Someone believes that evil drink a glass of milk? This is the same 300 kcal of energy, this is half of a cheeseburger or a hamburger. The milk, yogurt is also food. Very often drunk in the evening, a cup of yogurt, consider it as a dietary product. But if this glass goes beyond the daily diet is already too high in calories.

An effective weight-loss

Violation of the power

Types of eating disorders, who meet almost 60% of overweight people:

  • The food of the company. For example, a woman dinner to five hours. The husband came in at nine o'clock in the evening. The woman, for the company to eat the second dinner.
  • Emotional food "binge drinking". The wrinkling stress, the replacement of the love on a product delicious. The sugar excites in our brain the morphine of the area, such as drugs. Hand, such as a drug addict and alcoholic, extends to this pleasure. It is not necessary to read books, go to the theatre, do sport, to build relationships, to seek sources of joy. Took it and ate. Minute you like, and then the whole night, you hate you.
  • The restriction of the violation – "dietary depression". Common among people who are all the time sitting on the plans limited, go to bed with thoughts about food. Such people cannot stop, Dorval to the goodies. In practice, it is difficult attempting to lose weight, eat cakes and buns. Do not acquire the habit of good eating behavior.
  • Paroxysmal of the offence. For example, the "night of the priestess". Single uncontrollable crisis of bulimia. Suddenly want to the — blasted on the food and already unable to stop.

About the night of the food: a reference point must be, on average, 3 hours before bedtime. This does not mean that if you go to bed at one in the morning, you can cram 10 hours of the evening. Need from this time, when an average person should go to bed. It is 11 — 3 = 8. In the ideal the most recent meal 8 o'clock in the evening.

In life everything is far from the ideal situation. You have to make compromises. For example, to leave free the calories in a glass of buttermilk, something of the protein. Even if you can't sleep, your body is already asleep. Unexpected food, we give him a double burden, that is creating the stress.

Excess weight will cause a number of problems.

Often, you can hear the phrase "I have no money on the scheme". The presence of excess weight requires a lot more money and the attachments to itself — in this time, and in the perspective of 10 to 20 years. All this on a background of psychological malaise, reduce the quality of life.

How to determine if the excess weight

The deadly quartet:

  • The tower size. In men over 94 cm in women of more than 82 see
  • The rate of sugar fasting more than 5.5 mmol/l.
  • A body mass index
  • The level of pressure above 120/80 mm hg. spoons (135/85 in people of advanced age).
  • The rate of cholesterol higher than 5 mmol/l, Triglycerides more than 1.7 mmol/l.

If one of the indicators, the risk of death increases by 10% to 15% in the next 10 years (and if all four, up to 60%).

3 the lungs of the metric, when we can measure and understand, he is overweight or not.

  • The body mass index. BMI = Weight (kg) / height (m2).The attitude of the mass to the growth in the square. The rates to 25, 25 to 30 – overweight 30 to 35 obese class I, 35-40 — obesity of II degree and expressed obesity. But here, there is a disadvantage — does not take into account the composition of the body. A bodybuilder and a big man are going to have the same body mass index.
  • The attitude of the circumference of the waist to the growth. The waistline should not be more than half of the growth.
  • Waist circumference to the circumference of the thigh. The size is measured about 2 cm above the navel.

How long does it take to maintain the weight, so that it became your main and sub adjusted the metabolism of the body.

If you are in 2-3 months to have achieved the desired outcome (your goal is of 5 kg) and relaxed, to return to the old lifestyle, the weight will return. Need at least 2-3 months to succeed. On average, how many tried, as much attach. Then, the weight will try to the new standard.

How to lose weight at home

The main directions:

  • The right mental attitude and self-discipline. You have to want to drive your weight to normal.
  • Reduce the daily ration, at that time, from 500 to 600 kcal.
  • To create the most balanced of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.
  • Sufficient and adequate drinking mode.
  • The application of a system and the rules of taking food.
  • Organize a competent detoxification of the body.
  • The support of the nervous system.
  • Adequate physical activity and sleep.
  • The normalization endocrine system balance. Especially for those who do not arrive to the preceding paragraphs to achieve a positive result.

Reduce calories

How can we reduce the calorie intake:

  • Review the calorie content of the food we devoured. Choose a higher-quality calories. Better to eat an apple, but not apple pie. Better nuts, and not of chocolate. The set of porridge, no cereals for breakfast. Of the meat, not the sausage. Of the water, and not juice and soda. Consume a maximum of useful products.
  • Stevia - a sugar substitute
  • Dietary muffins that don't happen. Quite. Dietary cake also, it does not happen. Even the best cheesecake is the cake, not the cheese.
  • Replace 1 meal a cocktail to your taste.
  • Stevia as a substitute of sweets for those who can not give up sweets.

Vitamins and minerals for weight loss

Gotcha. In the event of a reduction in calorie intake from the daily diet is always reduced intake of useful nutrients.

If anything do not do this, you will get:

  • The bad health.
  • Lethargy.
  • Apathy.
  • In a bad mood.
  • The decrease in the metabolism.
  • Breakdowns.

It is very often felt by girls who sit on the power supply. It is necessary to sit on the diet, on which you can sit the whole life. You also need to enrich the diet with vitamins and minerals.

When you have chosen the products that are useful, have added to the ration of all construction materials for the body of your cage has been full and sends signals to the brain that hunger. If something is missing, the cell sends the signal. Then resist the temptation to be very difficult. "Eat something! I don't have enough vitamin A, the vitamin In the groups".

The diet should be complete. Particular attention is draw and minerals. The weight loss often they say about protein, fat and carbohydrate and minerals – rarely.

Vitamins and minerals for weight loss

There are several minerals, without which harmony is impossible:

  • The chrome. 70% of overweight people lack. Diabetic patients are in 80% of cases have expressed a deficiency in trace elements. The chromium is responsible for the carbohydrate metabolism. The deficit is one of the reasons for the development of insulin resistance. Chromium contributes to the overload of fat, carbs, the burning of the fat. Reduces the rate of cholesterol. Involved in the work of the muscles, which makes them stronger.
  • The iodine to maintain normal functioning of the thyroid.
  • Calcium. Accelerates the metabolism. Improves the functioning of muscles, nervous system, and reduces cholesterol. In the composition of the hormone calcitriol, which transforms fats into energy.

To get his daily dose of calcium, it is necessary to drink a litre of milk or a litre of yogurt, or eat 1 kg of cottage cheese per day. But given the calorie content of this product, we need not more than a cup. Yes, and not really something kilo of white cheese it is possible to eat every day.

The more calcium in the cheese, sesame, nuts. It is a very high calorie content of their products and to limit to 30 grams.

Without an additional source of calcium in the form of food supplements to compensate the deficiency of calcium is almost impossible.

Good drinking mode

How to drink water. In the morning, woke up, got up, had a drink in an empty stomach 1-2 glasses of water. And better with chlorophyll, you can with the lemon, you can juice aloe. And then a glass of water before each meal. 5 meals – 1 litre is already. It is advisable not to drink water during meals, and at least 40 minutes after, if not, lowers the efficiency of the digestion and absorption of food.

That refers to "the water":

  • The water with lemon.
  • Water with calcium.
  • Decoctions and infusions of herbs.
  • Fruit drinks without sugar.
  • The green tea is the second and subsequent beers.

Coffee and black tea are not included.

The power mode correct

Cocktails and food rich in protein work well. But if there is in the evening, the result will not be. Important mode of reception of food. In the ideal, that is the 3 main meals and 2 collations. Snacks help not to eat much of the main meals. Recommendation: replace the dinner with a snack. It is one hour to four days of eating, and the evening snack.

Compulsory breakfast balanced with proteins: porridge with an egg, a slice of cheese. How to eat well to lose weight: split, regularly. The last meal at least 3-4 hours before bedtime.

The purification of the body slimming

No metabolism does not start with a large number of toxins in the body. Just emptying it of its toxins, parasites, metabolites, we can talk about the resetting of the excess weight.

The body is intelligent. If there is an overload of poisons, it does not crash the liver and kidneys for the beauty and rightly so.

Get rid of those extra pounds is the cleavage of the adipose tissue with a large release of fission products. You must remove them. In the first place is to show to the liver. It is one of the reasons from the renaissance to the steatosis, if the liver is not to prepare.

Ensure the regularity of bowel movements. The goal to be twice a day. Help water, fiber, if necessary – laxatives. If during the day, the auto-chair has not, take 2 capsules natural laxative for the night.

Exercise for weight loss

Exercise for weight loss

Now the mode is a panacea – gyms, fitness centres, cycling. You must understand that even the most appropriate and effective physical activity is not conducive to weight loss. It gives tense muscles, but weight training is not going away. Only count the combination of a diet with the physical exercise help in this regard.

The big question is whether to reduce the weight of the exercise 2 time per week. It is necessary every day.

Hiking, the refusal of the elevator, and others — and spontaneous daily activity. And if you add a center to succeed. If a person all day sitting in the office, the elevator goes down to the car and drove to the gym 2 times per week, this "physical activity" will not lead to health.

If this is to increase the physical activity of up to 10 thousand steps every day, it is enough to give a centre to 2 times per week – health will not be.

P. S. If you strictly to all these recommendations to a nutritionist about a proper diet and a way of life, and the weight is in place, we recommend to draw attention on the endocrine system. Sometimes, it is not enough to eat well and give adequate physical load to get rid of extra pounds. I would like to add that no plan does not replace common sense. The problem of excess weight is a problem of lifestyle. And lifestyle changes is not a month. Therefore, do not torment yourself, do not ugostite in the framework, don't punish him for this that from this Monday you have not started to lead a ideal lifestyle.