Effective exercises for weight loss belly and sides

Very often, the problem of the area people happens to sars. Just the body is designed in such a way, but because it accumulates in the subcutaneous fat in this area. A little fat may boast that people who are professionally engaged in the sport and support the proper power supply. But the ordinary people with the similar shape, performing exercises physical effective for weight loss the belly and on the sides. Then the cubes of the press will not be hiding under the ugly layer of fat.

Side planck

It is not enough to do the exercise for the belly appeared sharp of cubes of the press. It is still necessary to change your diet and choose a healthy diet. You need to arm yourself with a lot of patience, because the fat can accumulate in the body for years, and because of the week, all of this does not disappear. Need months of intensive training, which it is necessary to prepare mentally.

The secret of success are the regular classes, the principles of good nutrition and the integrated approach of the training. Thus, in a few months to get an effect in relief on the belly. A complex exercise, it is important to always start with a cardio workout-charges, and after moving to the stretch marks and the strength complex. Specific exercises for the sides and the belly will help to normalize the metabolism of the adipose tissue, and after, and to strengthen the necessary muscles.

No need to agonist regimes hard at the slimming on the sides and belly. You just need to limit the consumption of salt, fat, condiments, junk food and soft drinks. Worth the trouble to eliminate from your diet completely all the pastries made of flour and smoked.

If you remove it from your daily diet of salt and sugar, and to a large extent to enhance the metabolism. Carbohydrates body will get fruits and vegetables, which are much more useful to the confectionery and food, as well as various literature. And yet, it must necessarily get rid of those bad habits like smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages.

The diet should be composed of natural products, which contain the following components:

  1. Proteins are converted in the muscles.
  2. Carbohydrates, which provide most of the energy of the human body, necessary for the intensification of the training.
  3. If very difficult to get by without fats, then you need to consume omega-6 and omega-3, which contains a large quantity of lean meat or fish.

You need to include in the diet of these products, that will be able to combat excess fat:

  • ginger;
  • green tea;
  • pineapple juice or a pineapple;
  • the grapefruit or the juice of this delicacy.

To achieve an ideal of cubes press on the abdomen, it is necessary to apply also some supplements in the form of fat burners. This drug is not considered to be anabolic or steroids. It will have no impact on the bottom hormone, and only to speed up the metabolism.

The preparation of the course

A lot of people who want to lose weight, to commit common mistakes:

  1. Perform exercises with dumbbells, leaning on the side. Therefore, the balance of the size in any way, it can not be possible, because in this area will increase only the muscles and the belt will become more painful form.
  2. Perform exercises with the weight and the size will be larger.
  3. Some use a hula-hoop, and think that, thanks to him, the excess of weight are lost quickly. But this kind of exercise, it is very dangerous, because the internal organs can descend into the abdominal cavity.

To get rid of fat of a body, you must perform necessarily cardio-exercise, why not involve only the security forces of the activities.

A lot of beginner athletes want to get rid of the stomach, but because intensely sway the press. But you can't locally resolve the problem, do one exercise. It must be approached in an integrated manner to the training, to get rid of the sides and abdomen.

It is necessary to be aware of the importance of the aerobic training, during which the need to work intensely and breathe deeply. The pulse becomes accelerated, increasing the number of the heart rate, increase the pressure and the temperature of the body during some of the aerobic exercises:

  • race;
  • swimming;
  • exercise on the rope;
  • of the dance;
  • a bike.

Through exercises such as the times and the mechanism that burns the excess fat, but because cardio in combination with aerobic exercise should last about 30 minutes or a little more. Only in this case, will start the process necessary to help you resolve the problems with the belly and sides. And the process of fat burning does not stop after the end of the training and will continue for several hours after.

For optimum performance, it is necessary to engage across the day, and combine cardio with the different security forces exercises on the muscle groups. Before the workout, you must warm up for a few minutes.

The set of exercises for weight loss belly and sides

Exercise to lose weight

All of the exercises, you will need to make 4-5 approaches of 10 to 15 repetitions. Do not make everything in a single course, being harmful for the muscles. As a result, all of the bodies the next day, it will be very very sick, and some because of this already do not want to continue to do the sport. Overtraining is highly injurious to health and so not worth realize the kind of negative effect.

Perform in the day it should be only three or four years, highlighting the impact on the whole of the press.

An effective workout at home

  1. Lifting the legs in position on the side. You need to lie on the left side, then lift it, without bending the right leg. The height should be the most possible. And why would the leg need to put something in front of the left foot, then behind it. On each side of this exercise, it is necessary to repeat 20 or 30 times.
  2. A bike. Certainly everyone knows this simple exercise, as it is quite common and effective. With it, you can qualitatively lose weight and get rid of the excess fat from your belly and sides. Lie on the back, and after the tour start to bend, and then a second leg, pulling it up to his stomach. Open the leg must be maintained in the raised position to the height of a few centimeters of the soil.
  3. The swelling and contraction of the abdomen. When running this exercise, so try as much as possible to tire out your muscles. Take a deep breath and lift up both legs, while now, not to bend at the knees, on a height of a few centimeters of the ground like a great time. To complicate the exercise, you can fill again and "scissors" with alternating feet. The number of approaches will depend on the physical capacity of the person.
  4. Planck. This is quite effective for the year, which is able to strengthen your back, chest, buttocks and belly. And also very active in burning the excess fat under the skin. To start, lay them down and support on the forearms and toes. We ride on the socks and keep the back absolutely direct. Tense the muscles of the abdomen and direct the gaze in the soil. The buttocks should not bulge, and far sagging. In this position, you must stay as long as possible.
  5. Rowing. Sit on the floor or an training mat, and after we lift the legs that are bent at the knees, and, simultaneously, drawn to him with outstretched arms. After return to its initial position. This movement should look like rowing oars. Repeat this movement 10 to 15 times.
  6. Windmill. It is also an exercise very efficient, which allows you to remove the fat on the sides and belly. The feet put on width of shoulders, and then try to reach the hand with the fingers of the left hand to the walker texas ranger-michel of the right leg, and after vice-versa. This exercise can improve the side of the press and reduce the tissue layer at the waist.
  7. A pair of scissors. This movement is interesting in that it may perform, even so, when you look at the tv. To begin, lie on your back, lift your legs up and slide your feet to each other. Do the necessary is about 10 minutes. The execution time for daily exercise increases the recruitment experience.
  8. Broke a pair of scissors. Lie on the belly. The feet we raise low and do a little one on the other, from hitting against each other.
  9. Squats. With the help of this exercise that the exercise is not only the buttocks, but the muscles of the press. It is desirable to perform squats with dumbbells. You can use books or thick type in the water.

All these exercises can be combined with a massage, a good diet, as well as the clay wrap, the honey or the healing mud. In this case, the results will be achieved in a shorter time.

Loading of the slimming

Loading of the slimming

Get rid of the excess fat on the belly and sides allows you to not only intensive training, but also in their day to day activities of the reload. In a complex with loads, it will become doubly effective way of losing weight. A gym includes exercises, which, to a large extent, form the sides and belly.

  1. Lie on your back, straighten the hands out, palms still in the ground. Slowly, try to put the hand on the foot of the stomach, but after stretch the legs.
  2. Continue to be lying down on your back, bend your knees, heels, not to divert attention away from sex. The hands must be on the nape of the neck, elbows high in the side. Exhale and pull the torso to the knees, lie with the arms stretched along the body, move the feet up to touch fingers to a small rug at the top of the head. Return to the starting position, lift your legs a few inches and hold for 10 seconds.
  3. Sit down, so that the back was absolutely smooth. The hands are at the level of the hips. Tighten the press, and after smoothly, try to doze in the back and follow the angle of 90 degrees between the body and the legs straight.
  4. Perform squats with the load. Slowly you lower the rear, if the intention to sit on a chair imaginary. Hold this position, and after straighten. To make the exercise more difficult, you can do everything standing on one leg, and that are released during this hoop. But if you don't know what to do with the complexity, this is not the experience.

Contraindications to loads of

In no case, commit to not pregnant women and young mothers. During pregnancy all the exercises can improve the tone of the uterus, and it is very very damaging to the child. If there is a desire to do physical exercise, it is best to go to a yoga class or specific exercises to stretch marks, that will improve the flexibility. Women who have recently given birth, it is desirable to return to physical activity gradually. Large workloads can be very severe on the health. This is particularly true in the case, if, before pregnancy, a woman does not have any sports activities.

If there was some sort of injury, then the exercise is allowed to do that under the supervision of a doctor. To begin with, you need to visit the boards and ask all the necessary questions about the exercise.

By following all these recommendations, in a few months, you can dramatically improve your appearance. It is necessary to build a mode of nutrition. Only if the beautiful appearance will remain for years to come.

As an option, you can visit the fitness centers, water aerobics, physical education, where the spectacle of the varieties of load. But our complex and without this will help you to be in shape.