The plan is a definition, characteristics, recommendations

the plan

Initially, the plan called for a way of life, the diet is adhered to constantly, which has helped to get rid of disease and excess weight. But recently, a lot of people know is the definition of the word "regime": this brief restriction in the diet that helps to lose weight. There are a large number of different varieties of plans. There are kefir, buckwheat, japanese, low in carbohydrates, and many others. Women who want to lose weight, search for it on the internet or books, have the benefit of the advice of friends. But such an approach does not take into account the individual characteristics of the organism and specificity of the different types of plans.

The history of the regimes

Now, the most likely to say that "fashion" diet that are harmful to health. But why then invented a plan? This happened during the time of Pythagoras. His followers have wanted to get into the paradise after death, is thus abandoned to the consumption of products of animal origin. By doing this, it turned out that this method of feeding eliminates the gas in the intestine. Later, Hippocrates was the "treaty On the regime". It proved that the power of the man must be selected individually, immediately, it is irrational and dangerous, because people with different weight, age and profession of the food differently to digest.

But the science of the nutrition has been created a roman physician . It has been estimated that diet is a way to get rid of many diseases. And the first stage of the diet has been prepared by the doctor. Now, this type of power supply called the diet of temperament. Galen has also created a diet for a horoscope of the man, which are still used.


Varieties of plans

Most of the women engaged in fashion today of the power to lose weight, do not represent, what is the plan. Nutrition is a science that deals with the healing power. Nutritionists are a diet for patients suffering from disorders of the digestive organs, with renal and cardio-vascular diseases. Such a diet is actually a diet. A definition of this notion is translated from the Greek "way of life".

And in fashion today are dieting are more of food hygiene. Also, they take into account the latest advances in medicine and physiology. According to the rules of those who want to lose weight should see a food, in order to constitute the individual ration. But almost no one does.

Is it possible to lose weight with diet

Until recently, it was thought that losing weight is possible, that the restrictions in the diet. But in fact, the plan is a practice often harmful. In fact, according to statistics, more than half of lose weight this way, after the return to the narrative at the nutrition regain quickly lost weight, and even more weight gain.

Frequent fluctuations of weight are harmful to health. The consequences of such plans may become violations of metabolic processes, problems with the blood vessels and a decrease of immunity. In fact, when you choose a diet of mostly women-oriented individual characteristics. For them, the most important, how much help to lose diet kg per week. After such experiences of health, many find themselves in the hospital. And in addition to the violation of the work of the internal organs, the obsession to lose weight threat of neurosis and anorexia.


Detailed plan for each day of the steel is established only at the end of the 20th century, although the need to change of nutrition in the presence of excess weight, the doctors said there was 200 years ago. First, the plan of loss of weight have been used only in case of obesity. But at the end of the 20 th century, there were new ideals of feminine beauty. As a result, many have started to lose the weight, to adapt it.

The principles of dietetics food

But, despite proven evil regimes, the disciples, not less. In fact, women simply don't know of any other way to lose weight quickly, cheaply and without effort. They believe that by limiting themselves to the nutrition, withdraw extra pounds, and all is well. In fact, these plans – it is a way to completely disrupt the metabolism and the digestion.

How can one be for women who want to lose weight? It is best to consult a nutritionist who will help you choose the right plan for you. In addition, it is necessary to remember: to lose weight, must not be short-term measures, and change in eating habits. Only the observance of certain rules will help you stay in good health and not to accumulate excess pounds:

  • eat well, it's a constant and is not a week or a month;
  • do not use more calories than you spend during the day, but and the consumption of less than 1500 kcal more than 2 days can be dangerous;
  • the food should be tasty and varied;
  • all of the diet on the day must be balanced by the amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates;
  • limit will need salt, canned foods, chips, soda, mayonnaise;
  • need to adhere to a strict diet of one meal of 4 to 6 times a day in small portions at regular intervals, without snacking;
  • need to eat mainly products common to the locality of residence, in effect, for example, the japanese in the body of an enzyme capable of digesting raw fish and seaweed, and representatives of other peoples did not.
the refusal of fat

And last rule: not worth it to strongly limit, put a rigid framework and to choose the way of slimming. This process must flow slowly and naturally.

Common weight loss diet, the benefits and the damages

In most cases, these rations are calculated at 1 to 4 weeks. And the creators of these diets promise fast and effective weight loss. But thanks to this it happens? Mainly, making weight loss more to the diet, because they do not receive the necessary nutrients. The body begins to consume their own stock. And first spent protein, it is lose weight start muscles. The fat deposits disappear the last, if the person is not sick from the exhaustion. This is why nutritionists these "express"plan consider it dangerous. And now there is a lot of:

  • mono - kefir, oats, malic acid, buckwheat, potatoes;
  • low carb, rich in protein;
  • low calorie;
  • the diet of the stars - Ksenia borodina diet, Ramos, and others;
  • "kremlin", japanese, Swedish, English;
  • the Montignac diet, Atkins diet, Kwasniewski and other.

The most effective diet

The menu, which offer, quite varied, involves a choice of dishes and the variation of the ration. Their characteristic is that they are based on rules of the power management and can be used for a long time without damage to health. The disappearance of extra pounds with such a power supply is slower than the popular diets express. But they do not come back. The diet every day, you can use it as the basis of the proper power supply.

  • The best giving plan still called israel, or "intelligent". It is based on the principles of a separate power supply. It has no definitive bans on the products, except the pests. But there are some rules: do not fry the food, add a lot of oil, not to eat protein-rich foods with acidic fruits, do not eat meat with milk and dairy products, fruits and fruit juices, there has only separately.
  • A diet on the juice involves the consumption of each morning, a mixture of fresh fruit juices cabbage, beets and carrots. After half an hour, you can take the breakfast. In the course of the day to observe the principles of nutrition.
  • not too much to eat
  • The mediterranean diet is also called the regime of beauty. Its basic principle is to eat fish instead of meat, lots of vegetables, fruit, and fat, olive oil.

Therapeutic plan

Applied nutrition in various diseases, called soft. The therapeutic principles of the plans were created by the specialists under the direction of Mr. Im Posner in the mid-20th century. Only created the 15 "at a distance" in accordance with the violations of the state of health. These plans are subject to the rules of basic nutrition. But the choice of products for them and their consumption are different and depend on the characteristics of the disease. They are divided according to pathology:

  • table no. 1 applies when the stomach ulcer and gastritis with acidity;
  • N ° 2 – chronic colitis and gastritis which reduces the function of secretion;
  • N ° 3 – during the constipation;
  • N ° 4 – diarrhea;
  • N ° 5 - the diseases of the liver, of the biliary tract;
  • N ° 6 - in the pathologies linked to an accumulation of salts of uric acid;
  • the consultation
  • N ° 7 – diseases of the kidneys;
  • N ° 8 - obesity;
  • N ° 9 – diabetes;
  • N ° 10 – the circulatory system and the heart;
  • N ° 11 – in tuberculosis, general exhaustion;
  • N ° 12 - a disease of the nervous system;
  • N ° 13 - infection;
  • N ° 14 - when the urolithiasis;
  • N ° 15 – this is the well-being of a system.

Characteristics of therapeutic regimes

The rules for gentle electrical power and are used in health centres and in hospitals. Depending on the type of pathology, the patient is attributed to the diet. Menu of the day is made solely from products of the recommended by this table. Their choice may be different.

For example, the acidity of the stomach and the ulcer is not recommended to eat raw vegetables and fruit, as well as other products, stimulating the production of gastric juices. But in the case of constipation, and gastritis with low acidity, in contrast, the diet contains a lot of cabbage, citrus fruits. Unevenly also the consumption of foods rich in protein. If constipation is their number you need to reduce and other diseases – increase.

There are general principles of therapeutic nutrition:

  • the rejection of semi-finished products, fast food, alcohol, pastry, sugar;
  • the food must be only freshly;
  • products cook, bake, simmer, or bake;
  • limit salt intake, to give up condiments;
  • the food is also necessary to grind, to remove seeds, skins;
  • need an optimal temperature of the dishes;
  • need to eat often (5 to 6 times per day) and in small portions.

A diet or a healthy diet?


The dietary restrictions must be in agreement with the doctor. Above all, do not use the plan Pevsner, without medical. In fact, often, they do not provide the body with all the necessary, so necessary that people who are ill. For this same reason, it is not recommended to use a variety of mode of weight loss regime involving strong restrictions in the choice of food. You can use the menu of the most effective diets to lose weight, but of short duration.

The basic principle of most diets slimming is to reduce amounts of fats or carbohydrates. The one and the other approach is dangerous for the health. Therefore, it is better to lose weight using the principles of power management:

  • limit the sweets, which contribute to the accumulation of body fat;
  • carbohydrates try to eat in the first half of the day;
  • the last meal should be 3 to 5 hours before bedtime;
  • the amount of calories consumed per day must correspond to the invoice of the man;
  • do not die of hunger.

Comments on the plans

In recent years, almost every woman has tried in his life, or diet. And in the most frustrated. Although most plans are really effective. The comments have remarked that they have helped to lose weight. But almost immediately, the pounds lost return. And it is on the healing regimes that are more positive. A lot of patients they have helped get rid of the pain, improve the digestion and accelerate the healing.