How to lose weight quickly: ten tips from the nutritionist

To prevent errors when weight loss and obtain the desired result, is to ask the advice of specialists. In this article the TOP 10 tips of nutritionists, how to lose weight quickly.

the plan

How to lose weight quickly? The instruction nutritionists

Lose weight the dream of many, and often do, listen to the advice of friends or friends. Better if these questions will help you specialist.

To start with the good slimming?

Well, when a man has the motivation to lose weight is a great help to a weight loss process. For a good start, it should be:

  • to know what is the outcome you want to achieve in kilograms or centimeters;
  • combine the methods of slimming with the capacity, the characteristics of the organism;
  • develop an action plan and set time.

Advice on nutrition, slimming prescribe:

  • the respect of the calorie content of the food is not more than 2500 kcal per day;
  • the exception of the large quantity of vegetable fat;
  • the removal of the power supply of the alcohol;
  • the limitation of potatoes, cereals;
  • the increase of motor activity;
  • the consumption of dairy products, natural fruit juice;
  • introduction in the menu of vegetables;
  • the application of rye bread.

The products that are useful for slimming

Some products dietary nutritionists call it a super food because of the content of the emergency of the amount of nutrients required for the betterment of our health. They saturate the body with energy and promote weight loss.



This low calorie a food product's saturated in fiber and antioxidants.


This product contains carbohydrates, which contribute to the development of the stage of the hormone serotonin. He is responsible for the relaxation and helps to break down fat.


The yogurt is a lot easier to digest than milk. It is rich in calcium and in vitamin B, strengthens the immune system, helps to get rid of the feeling of hunger because regulates the level of sugar in the blood. Additionally, yogurt reduces the risk of colon cancer.


The pomegranate is full of antioxidants and folic acid. This low calorie fruit can be used as a source of fibre and get rid of the sensation of hunger. If you are craving something sweet, eat the grenade, adding it to a salad or drink juice of pomegranate.


In this bay contains a lot of antioxidants and fibre, therefore the feeling of satiety lasts longer.


This super product is rich in fibre and protein and contains stable (insensitive) starch, starts the metabolism and help in the fight against excess weight.


In the salmon contain a lot of protein — you feel satiety, but do not type the mass. It is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, and so promotes the healthy functioning of the heart and of the production of insulin.

Green tea

the watermelon

If reason information about the product, you can lose weight, it is noted for tea. 2-3 cups of green tea per day can help you lose weight and burn calories much more quickly due to the anti-oxidant content.


It contains vitamins A, C and lycopene is a powerful antioxidant, promotes a natural division of fat.

Flax seeds

Flax seeds are one of the best superfoods that are appropriate for a plan. They have to their composition in fatty acids Omega-3, and a large amount of fiber, but because contribute to the saturation of fast and strengthen the mental and physical health. Only a tablespoon of crushed seeds will give you many benefits. Mix it with water or add it to a salad, a soup, a sauce or an omelette.


The study of the school of medicine of Johns Hopkins university have demonstrated the following results: the replacement of red meat, of mushrooms not only help to reduce the calories, but promotes weight loss. A serving of mushrooms represent 44 kilocalories, while in the red meat of their content will increase at least six times.

The chili

It is proven that the consumption of chili peppers with the tomato sauce for half an hour before meals will help you eat 10% less than the main dish! This is why the chili is called super product.


The american journal of clinical research has conducted an experiment during which participants had to eat 57 g of d', by chewing their 10, 25 and even 40 times. Among the subjects has been noted to be prolonged to a feeling of satiety and a decrease in the total amount of fat.

Olive oil

The polyunsaturated fatty acids contained in olive oil can help fight hunger, and oleic acid promotes the breakdown of fat.

The cranberry juice

In addition to a great amount of antioxidants, the cranberry juice can be an excellent diuretic and remove the excess fluid, that is to say, the weight will decrease due to a reduction of the water retention.



The grapefruit has a, sweet and juicy. Despite the fact that in a large fruit with only 120 calories, you will have time to experience the feeling of satiety.

Egg white

The white of an egg is ideal for breakfast. It is rich in protein and contains very little calories, 17. Mix of proteins, vegetables, e.g., spinach and tomatoes and season with salsa.


If you have often the feeling of hunger, add to your diet cucumber. It contains almost no calories and prevents fluid retention in the body.

Cut into thin strips and season with the pepper, coarse salt and lemon juice. The high water content and low amount of sodium are cucumber super useful for health and can include it in the list of dietary products.

The rejection of harmful products

  • The enemy n ° 1 – alcohol. Say "no" to the vodka, cocktails and treats of guilt. This is not only useful for the form of beverages, harmful on the composition.
  • Replace the red wine sec.
  • The enemy no. 2 – pastries and bakery products. Eating pasta and spaghetti sauce, we reconstruct the body of gluten, which obstructs the body.
  • That replace the product of the wheat flour.
  • The enemy no. 3 – the red meat. Regularly eating the meat of pig, we recruit kilograms in kg and run the risk of having bad diseases.
  • Replace – food chicken meat, rabbit.
  • The enemy n ° 4 – butter. It is a potent source of trans-fatty acids and excess calories.
  • Replace the olive oil, sesame, corn.
  • The enemy n ° 5 – the sodas. Harmful to be and fruit juice in packages.
  • Replace the fruit juice, applesauce.
  • The enemy n ° 6 – confectionery. Everyone wants to lose weight refuse of sweet and well – chocolate, cakes and pastries are very high in calories.
  • Replace candy, marshmallows, jam, jelly, bitter chocolate.
  • The enemy n ° 7 – fat cheeses and dairy products. Surprising, but it is also harmful products when weight loss. In effect, the higher the rate of fat – the high-calorie product.
  • That replace fat and non-fat forpercent.
  • The enemy no. 8 – canned. Canned goods accumulate salt, which causes metabolic disturbances.
  • The enemy n ° 9 – of the smoke. If you see on the window of a store of delicious meat – think of what they are not always treated correctly. The meat can harm the health and cause the slowdown of the process of weight loss.
  • The enemy n ° 10 – fast-food. Regularly eating a quick meal, we are very bad even. Because the products are harmful when weight loss is a burgers, hot dogs, pizza.

Exclude from your diet all harmful products, eat healthy food and lose weight correctly.


The role of water

Water is a necessary component of diet, is important for all the metabolic processes required during the combustion of subcutaneous fat and increases the rate of metabolism. In the initial phases of thinness when stabilizes the level of sugar in the blood, there may be headaches. Water is necessary for the proper functioning of the brain and for the relief of headaches, caused by hunger. Because of the small amount of food in the diet period to adjust the weight potential short-term constipation. Enough of the saturation moisture which will help prevent constipation, normalizes the functioning of the whole digestive system and improves peristalsis in the gastrointestinal tract. The international standards of nutrition so that define drinking in the fashion of a man:

  • for women: 2000 ml of fluid per day,
  • for men: 2500 ml of fluid per day.

It is assumed that, from this number, about 20% (400 ml for women and 500 ml for men) to compensate the food sources of liquid, that is, you can fill a deficit of liquid food. During the diet low in calories, aiming at a reduction of weight, a good rule of thumb will be able to receive up to 95% of the standard water of vegetables or up to 87% of fruit. A good complement to the above is to add to the daily ration of at least a liquid meal in the form of soup, this will help you to increase the total fluid intake. Registration of the standard when the loss of extra pounds can be higher, especially if you have an overweight or severe obesity. Yes, and in the hot weather, you may need a lot more water (up to 3.5 litres). In order to treat to the standard specified by us as being the minimum necessary.

Split meals

the water

Split meals — this is a food in small portions at a time. Between breakfast, lunch and dinner is too big a gap that man does outside of any planning to fill out its small, but high-calorie rankings (cookies, candy, ice cream, potato chips, nuts). Following the daily calorie sandwich on the scale — even. It is a system in which every element works so that the body functions properly. Despite the frequent presence of food, they are excluded from the supercharger to the account of a small number of people, the energy, which is calculated in advance and does not exceed the daily requirement. The basic principles of a fractional power:

  • frequency: 5 to 6 times per day (breakfast, lunch, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, sometimes just before the sleep);
  • small portions: the maximum size is 300 g, it is often recommended to measure the amount of food a handful of palm;
  • by the time: it is necessary in the same hours;
  • compliance with the principles of good nutrition: eliminates the harmful products called to reduce the sugar and salt in the diet;
  • balanced diet: assumes competent a report of PFC and non-distorted in a certain direction.

Small portions, once in the stomach, quickly digested. This does not give the intestine become clogged, which leads to the normalization of digestion. Consequently, a fractional power is used in the treatment of the diet: it prevents diarrhea, flatulence, severity, nausea, bloating. The size of the stomach, finally, is normal, the attacks of hunger disappear. Initially very difficult to rebuild the calendar and the work of the agency, under the new system of the food. But after the passage of the health condition and weight rapidly normalized.

Journal of a good diet

Nutritionists recommend their patients to keep a food journal. This is the motivation of healthy life. The journal of the diet, you can lead online or simply in notepad. Regardless of which option you choose. They all have the following functions:

sports activities
  • the setting of a goal;
  • entry of the daily diet;
  • the fixing of the physical activity;
  • drinking mode;
  • the calculation of the body mass index, and other parameters to assess progress);
  • the continuation of the nutrition, get rid of food waste.

Some stage there are difficulties, they do not know how to keep a food journal. Fill out a “statement” you must every day. Every morning, there is a need to weigh in the fasting state and to set its weight. Each day, you must register all the products counting calories and physical activity. Many are starting to plan your menu for the evening. Say that it is much easier to assess the daily calorie intake. However, there is a small nuance: it is necessary to comply with its plan. The crosses should not be. Therefore, some with the evening spread out ready a meal to containers.

Slimming center

If the main goal is to lose weight, rather than buying in relief, stretched out of shape, gym is not always good for this place. Especially if You have not practiced the sport, even at the level of exercise in the morning at home or if you lose weight on a diet of low-calorie food. Diligently, you want to eat, and a daily rate of calories may be exceeded. The physical loads are divided into anaerobic and aerobic. Anaerobic is all the strength training exercises, contributes to the strengthening of the muscle mass and improvement in physical strength. These workouts speed up the metabolism to burn calories for continue day after the course, but have an effect of stress on the heart, vessels, joints. Physically ready for the people to participate in cardio exercises without individual follow-up of the coach is not desirable and even dangerous. For the person who wants to become thin, not pumped like a bodybuilder's, a bar and free weights, squats and push-ups just help pave the way to an objective.

Wrap slimming

the procedure

Wraps are aimed at the conclusion of excess fluid and the distribution of the adipose tissue, thanks to volumes of melt on the eyes. The wrap can be prepared of pepper, clay, coffee. Body wrap slimming at home:

  • Preheat the body in the bath or the shower. After steaming, use an exfoliator and a loofah. Components wraps more quickly penetrated into the lower layers, and begin to break down fat.
  • Iup applied to a selected composition. It can heat up to Z5 degrees (hot wrap), or apply the mask to the ambient temperature (cold wrap).
  • B completion need to wrap it with cling film. Just do a D—4 layer, which will not pull on the skin. In the case of high pressure disrupted the circulation of the blood, the effect will be opposite (adipose tissue begins to accumulate).
  • After being stifled areas treated film, it is necessary to dress in warm clothes. As an alternative to go under the duvet. B the completion of the rinse the body and apply the cream.