Scientific: is keto diet — the most secure system of the power

Products on the diet ketoA world obsessed by diet keto. The point is simple: the rejection of carbohydrates for a slim figure. No impact and constraints. You have such a proposal seems suspect? Me — yes. Let us understand it.

What is it?

A diet low in calories is hide under the words "keto diet" or "ketogenic diet". This power supply system requires a change of regime in favour of fats and proteins. The carbohydrates are strictly prohibited.

Here, the main source of energy becomes fat. Preference is given to a non-saturated fatty acids: nuts. The second resource for the existence of proteins. In the menu include meat products, seafood and eggs. It is ready! It remains to season the vegetables.

How does it work?

To get energy, the body burns glucose reserves. When we restrict carbohydrate reserves, the body must look for other options. Included ketosis is a process that allows them to produce the energy spent to fat. This is the goal of a diet low in carbohydrates. What happens then? During the decomposition of fats to form ketones. In the large amounts of these substances poisonous to the body. But about it later.

Why do you need it?

If you are committed to the path of keto diet, you can forget about the chocolate, bread and other carbohydrate joys. The fruit in question. You get in return?

Fast weight loss

A low-carb diet is suitable for those who want to lose weight, here and now. Abstinence the soft guarantees a loss of five kilos in a month. The same keto diet is laid out so that you don't know a wild hunger. Add the drive and check out the result.

The protection against diseases

There are studies which say that keto diet eases the symptoms and effects of cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes, and epilepsy. Unfortunately, the research is not sufficient to make firm conclusions. Remember that the independent treatment is worse?

Why is it not necessary?

The constraints and the effects do not occur in the fairy tales. And the keto diet has its disadvantages.

Poor health

Always have to sacrifice something, especially when change your diet. Until the body adapts to a new energy source, you'll have to put up with the apathy and intestinal problems.

Nothing is proven

Scientists pay a lot of attention to the keto diet, but that is not enough. While some studies show that such a power system can cause harm to the body, if a long time his staff. Forecast disappointing: increases the risk of muscular dystrophy and the formation of kidney stones.

Acid poisoning

During the decomposition of the fat form of the acid (ketones). The state, where the rate of ketone bodies is so high that he is able to poison the body calledketoacidosis. The truth of the acid, the poisoning accelerates quickly, just 24 hours. And here is really worry of keto acidosis and you need people with diabetes, you need to constantly monitor the level of ketones.

It is the pure truth, you've probably known: there is no magic universal plan, which would be all the world. If you chose the keto diet, make sure how much you have already don't eat carbohydrates, try to read the reaction of the body. Want to annex to each plan to write:"please, by consulting a doctor".