Diet "Favorite" - menu for 7 days

Favorite diet is a rather personal and individual question. It is one thing that not all women want to share their recipe for losing weight and a beautiful slim body, another thing is that not everyone can admit that they are on a diet. Also, different diets aren't suitable for everyone.

But, fortunately, there is a fairly universal diet, which is often spread by word of mouth and is called the "7 day favorite diet". Contains a variety of ways to lose weight, because the diet is effective.

Favorite diet

"Favorite" diet - menu for 7 days

Briefly about the diet of your favorite diet, we can say the following: the whole diet is a seven-day chain of mono diets. In fact, the most common types of fasting days are combined here, using a certain product or type of food each day. To make it very clear what is meant, we bring to your attention a specific example of a diet diet for a week.

The first day of "drinking"

Drinks and liquid meals should be consumed throughout the day. At the same time, it is recommended to drink unsweetened tea throughout the day.

  • For breakfast: a small cup of tea (without sugar) and 180-200 ml of kefir.
  • For lunch: chicken broth (without salt) - about 200 ml.
  • Before dinner: yogurt - 150-180 g.
  • For dinner: 200 ml of low-fat milk.

Second day "Vegetables"

Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, cabbage, onions - in short, you can eat any vegetable we are used to today.

  • In the morning: a couple of cherry tomatoes.
  • In the afternoon: light salad made with white cabbage, dill, parsley, coriander and cucumbers. It is allowed to season with refined olive or sunflower oil.
  • Afternoon: a couple of medium cucumbers.
  • For the evening: salad of dill and parsley, cucumber and pepper.

The third day "Milk"

  • Morning: unsweetened tea and some milkshake (small cup each).
  • Midday: a cup of milk.
  • Day: Chicken stock (unsalted) plus unsweetened tea.
  • Before dinner: a cup of kefir.
  • Evening: another cup of milk and unsweetened tea.
Fruit day

Fourth day "Fruit"

  • For breakfast - a couple of oranges, then - 1 grapefruit.
  • For lunch: apples, kiwis and oranges.
  • Before dinner - pear and apple.
  • Milk for dinner.

Fifth day "Proteins"

  • Eat a couple of eggs in the morning, then boiled fish.
  • In the afternoon - boiled chicken and boiled peas.
  • For dinner - cottage cheese and cheese (100 g each).

Sixth day of "drinking"

  • In the morning - unsweetened tea and a cup of kefir.
  • A glass of grapefruit juice at noon.
  • In the afternoon - chicken broth.
  • For the evening - a milkshake, and then a couple of hours later - a cup of milk.

The last day of your favorite diet - "Balanced"

  • Morning: a cup of green tea and a couple of chicken eggs, in an hour and a half - eat any fruit.
  • In the afternoon: vegetarian soup with buckwheat or rice. In a couple of hours - any fruit.
  • In the evening - a light vegetable salad with olive oil.

This example of the menu of your favorite diet for 7 days does not need to be strictly observed - it is allowed to change products with similar products.

Benefits of your favorite diet

  • The favorite diet gives a pretty quick result, especially useful if you need to get in shape quickly and remove the last "difficult" overweight.
  • Good purifying effect.
  • Strong-willed hardening - there is an opportunity in 1 week not only to "build" your body, but also your spirit.

Cons of a favorite diet

The preferred 7 day diet has the following disadvantages:

  • Big load on the body. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, iron deficiency diseases can worsen.
  • Metabolic processes slow down.
  • It is undesirable to engage in strenuous physical activity during a diet.

What nutritionists say

Experts have different opinions on their favorite 7 day diet - some nutritionists see the menu like this:

  • Remove chicken broth from the diet.
  • Replace broccoli with regular cabbage.
  • Don't eat eggs and yogurt at the same time.
  • Swap the second and fourth day.

Reviews and results from those who lost weight

According to numerous reviews, a favorite diet gives a good effect: on average, 10 kg of excess weight disappears in 7 days, while those who follow the diet are practically not haunted by the feeling of hunger. It is usually difficult for the first couple of days, then it gets a lot easier. Lose weight tasty and fast!