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  • Даниела
    With age taken highly the weight. He became a torment to the pressure and there were all the diseases. Didn't have the energy of a long walk. The doctors have recommended to lose weight. I can't sit on a diet. Decided to try to MultiSlim. After 2 weeks of pounds have begun to decline. Increased vitality. I continue to drink, because it allows me to tool.
  • Димитър
    I am a fan of supply of funds. Try to imagine all the new features, as well as the nature lazy and loves to eat. So here's the syrup multislim I liked more than the others. Pleasant tasting, pobochek was not a weight loss of about 7 kg (that is without dieting)
  • Димитър
    I'm sure the negative comments j MultiSlim due to the fact that the people did not follow the instructions of the application, or simply bought the counterfeit products. I agree the Syrup MultiSlim during 2 weeks. During this time, I managed to get rid of 8 pounds! Believe that it is a success, because before that took months to be reinforced by the charges and plans.
  • Виолета
    Since childhood, I have been fighting with the excess weight of diet, the sports that temporarily helped, then the weight is again income. For the comparison to 25 years during the growth of 167 cm, I weigh 74 kg, particularly tormented by the sides. Syrup multislim has helped me for months to lose 9 pounds. This is an excellent result, disappeared boca, decreased belly, and thighs. Until the weight is not refundable.
  • Пенка
    In 2 weeks with the syrup MultiSlim I have already lost 7 kg! Never ceases to rejoice, continuous, still and on the dance went. It's cool that you don't want to nibble at candies, and pies — enough for breakfast, lunch, dinner!
Comments MultiSlim