The experience of using MultiSlim

Less than 20 kg MultiSlimmy story, my experience of the use

As I lose weight MultiSlim the photo

Now a lot of stories about how people have lost weight and in what ways. I also decided to share my story.

Since my childhood, I was a plump child is affected by the cheeks and were excited about that I'm pretty. But as time went on, and the parents have continued to care of me pies, cakes, candies.

When I went to school, on top of me started to laugh, I am thick, fat, and other. I went home in tears. In class 7, I started trying to lose weight: just do ate not, but then I was wrong and I ate. Then tried to run, but I was even more teased. In high school, I started studying what are the various regimes. The part of the parents were not, they believed that I had a growing body and should be eating normally. But usually the concept is very much rich in calories.

When the classmates started to go on dates, I am sitting at home, as the walk was not with anyone. My life has been a school of hell, the house to the kitchen.

And here is my patience exhausted, I decided it was time to do something. I began to study the theme of the thinness on the forums and blogs. Read the comments that have lost weight:someone is sitting on a diet, and someone is not a super food supplements. And here is one of these products has been syrup for weight loss MultiSlim. I am also interested in this tool, and I discovered that it is a very powerful fat burner on a natural basis, which was also useful and has a simple application. Comments, I have learned that the grease spell on the eyes and the volumes are down. And the more important its use is simple. Therefore, my doubts are posted, and I decided to order her.

First meeting with MultiSlim

I ordered the syrup on the official web-site, in my opinion, even with a reduction of -50%. The package I received in 5 days. In the package was a small guide: how to use it properly. It is cool this syrup, you can mix all the drinks. I mixed it with yogurt and saw 2 times a day. Strictly follow the instructions.

The result MultiSlim after photo

I started to notice that after drinking the yogurt with the MultiSlim he does not want to do pulls, or even the sweet, too sweet, I like it a lot, especially cupcakes and eclairs!

Already on day 5 of the reception, I began to feel lighter, the look is better, even the teachers have noticed. From that moment on, I became to follow the results. At the beginning, I weigh 79 kg, the belly and the hips were huge.

My results slimming syrup MultiSlim

The first 8 days, I lost 5 kg! Hasn't even noticed, they went with me! Only felt that the pants have become free.

For the second week yet less than 4 kg! The weight is removed gradually, but I ate it, that she wanted to. It has already begun to pay attention to almost everything, said that I'd better started looking, the size is appeared.

3 – 4 weeks: less than 4 kg In total for the 4 weeks of 79 kg and I am now weigh 62 kg! Just amazing!!!

I have finally started to wear skirts, until gnais just his feet thick. I stopped being embarrassed of his body, began to go to parties. I have started to pay attention to the boys. Until now I continue to take the syrup, in order to maintain weight and tone, and generally it how I want when I want. The weight which I reached the stable.